Chinese Optician Words You Will Learn On Our Worksheets.

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Optician words you will learn in these worksheets:


Below are the Optician words you will learn in this worksheet.

1- 眼镜盒 - Yǎnjìng Hé - Case
2- 清洁液 - Qīngjié Yè - Cleaning Fluid
3- 隐形眼镜 - Yǐnxíng Yǎnjìng - Contact Lenses
4- 消毒液 - Xiāodú Yè - Disinfectant Solution
5- 视力检查 - Shìlì Jiǎnchá - Eye Test
6- 镜架 - Jìng Jià - Frame
7- 眼镜 - Yǎnjìng - Glasses
8- 镜片 - Jìngpiàn - Lens
9- 隐形眼镜盒 - Yǐnxíng Yǎnjìng Hé - Lens Case
10- 太阳镜 - Tàiyángjìng - Sunglasses