Chinese Reptiles Words You Will Learn On Our Worksheets.

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Reptiles words you will learn in these worksheets:


Below are the Reptiles words you will learn in this worksheet.

1- 短吻鳄 - Duǎn Wěn è - Alligator
2- 鳄鱼 - èyú - Crocodile
3- 鬣蜥 - Liè Xī - Iguana
4- 蜥蜴 - Xīyì - Lizard
5- 爬行动物 - Páxíng Dòngwù - Reptiles
6- 蝾螈 - Róng Yuán - Salamander
7- 蝎子 - Xiēzi - Scorpion
8- 蛇 - Shé - Snake
9- 蜇针 - Zhē Zhēn - Sting